Why You Must Experience Being A Conqueror At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Are you ready to become a modern-day conqueror?

A real winner and not the kind that plunders and takes over other countries, I mean the other kind.  The kind that can overcome, surmount, and defeat anything that life throws their way.

With that being said, are you prepared to learn about some simple, yet powerful strategies that you can use in order to live a victorious life?

If you just said yes, you must also be ready to put away any excuses you may be holding onto aside, and be open to pushing through your doubts on a heroic level.

If you want to really become a giant in your lifetime, a champion, a conqueror, then please I beg you to keep reading.

The truth is, I am tired of watching challenges destroy people simply because of the fact that they are ignorant of who they are and what they can become if only they can aspire, I was then propelled into writing this article with the intention of reminding you who you are, your value and what you can accomplish, if you can only aspire and put your mind to it, so brace yourself for impact. Listen I am not yelling at you, although I may sound cold and harsh but believe me I still care about you, your progress and your future. I am merely encouraging you…enthusiastically of course so if you’re ready to transform your reality, just roll with me because i am always ready.


The first and most important tactic that you must start doing now, to seize your moment and become the conqueror that you are meant to be, is to start THINKING. Strategic thinking is a must to have if you really want to be a conqueror.

Strategic thinking is probably the highest paid skill on earth because not everyone is willing to pay the price.  I am not talking about spending one or two minutes day-dreaming either.

The thinking I am talking about is taking 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, to create a game plan, a life strategy, a plan of attack or whatever it is that your imagination is pouring out.

The starting process of all great things, and of your great future accomplishments, begins when you start using that complex organ between your two ears.

You have to use your mind, you have to get a clear picture of exactly what it is that you want.  You must outline exactly what you wish to conquer.

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Read one of the most popular self-development books of all-time ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. This book suggests at least 30 minutes a day, thinking of the person you intend to become. Robin Sharma, in his book The Greatness Guide, suggests the best time to get your deepest thinking done is during a daily 60 minute ritual, a ritual he calls his Holy Hour.

Successful people spend an average of 10 hours a week for thinking time so it’s no mistake that the people who spend the time thinking and planning to get the things and achievements they want for themselves, actually do.

Of course, it doesn’t just happen for everyone who decides to think. Conquering doesn’t just magically happen because we managed to come up with a few good thoughts.

Thinking is just the first step in this process of conquering.  After careful thought has gone into devising your quest to conquer, the next strategy that comes into play is believed.

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Once you’ve concluded what you want out of life, and precisely how you plan on getting it, the next thing you need to do, is actually simple but requires a whole lot of guts – its called believe.  You have to make sure you are certain that you want it so bad.

Not only that, but you have to make sure everything about how you approach your new goals, is done with absolute conviction, absolute confidence, and absolute belief.

He who hesitates is lost


If it is not done with absolute certainty, if it is not done with full belief that you can conquer, you will eventually be defeated.  Integrally if you approach your goal with hesitation, you will set in motion, a downward spiraling trend that leads to the exact opposite of what you were looking for…failure.

If you don’t have a concrete belief that you can handle whatever it is you are undertaking, you will place in motion this negative feedback loop.

When you hold on to the false belief that you can’t do something, you influence your view on your potential for actually being able to accomplish that thing well.  With this weakened belief in our potential, we will in effect be less likely to take the required action to fulfill that potential.

Needless to say, when we take less action towards achieving our goals, we significantly decrease our chances of actually realizing those goals.

As the saying goes, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Not only but when we show up, half-defeated, not ready to win, inferior results are sure to follow.

Unfortunately, those less than stellar results reinforce our lack of belief in ourselves, which as a result decreases our outlook on our potential again.

In turn, this ultimately reduces even more so, our desire to act, which again brings even worse results.  This cycle of defeat goes on and on, to eventual physical, spiritual, and professional defeat.

If you make up your mind, I mean really make up your mind to achieve something, and commit to doing it no matter what, with absolute certainty, you will set in motion a powerful life-enhancing process

With the strategy of believing up our sleeve, we can equip ourselves with the conviction that is needed to jump-start our intentions for facing our doubts. You can actually decide to crush your doubts and take steps to continually suppress your disbelief, while at the same time, set yourself up for future success.

If you force yourself to have certainty about your abilities, or an absolute belief that you can handle whatever it is you are undertaking, you will place in motion a powerful positive feedback loop.

When you decide to increase your belief that you can do something, you will influence your potential for actually being able to do that thing well.

Now, having the sense that you have an increased potential to do, you will in effect be more likely to take increased action to fulfill that potential.

When you begin taking more and doing so with full faith in your potential and ability to execute flawlessly, you will start getting better results.

Having these improved results will reinforce your belief in yourself, and in your abilities.  In turn, the whole process will restart, and every recurring time, it will be from an even stronger position.

As such, your belief will be stronger, so your potential to execute will be stronger, consequently, you will take even more action, and you will get better and better results, Ad infinitum.

Certainty my friends…it’s all about certainty.

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Man Kicking Heavy Bag


Once you are certain (both your thoughts and belief system are in check), you have to put in the work.  Effort must be made, but not just any effort because the mediocre effort is still an effort but it comes as a waste when it comes to becoming a conqueror.  It must be a great effort, striving must be done. You have to give it your very best shot. Nothing in life comes easy, and even if it does, it never lasts long.

If you have challenges with the commitment needed for taking such action, reach out to some friends, and ask them if they can hold you accountable for taking action.

If you have trouble asking your friends for such accountability, then subscribe for our daily email updates, there are literally lots and lots of publications that we’ve published here at AMAGENIUS (www.mygeniusdiary.com) they’ll keep you fired up, they’ll provide you with the necessary refill that you’ll need and hold you accountable.

At AMAGENIUS, we simply program you with what you intend to do and when you intend to do it, and then it effectively reminds you.  It’s a really great tool for keeping you focused on reaching your goals.

Regardless of how you intend to do it, one thing is certain; massive action is a must.  With enough striving with absolute certainty towards one’s goals, something miraculous is bound to happen.  You will achieve that which you set your mind on, that which you planned so deliberately to achieve.

After all of your actions, efforts, and striving, its finally time to BECOME!

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pink flower


You will BECOME.  You! not the current you but the original you, the victorious person filled with value. The Genius you are originally created to be right from inception like a flower is about to blossom and like a butterfly bursting from its’ cocoon, you will emerge from your efforts, a better, stronger, more accomplished version of the person you formerly were.

You will have become more.  You will have moved closer towards your ideal.  Nearer to the goal that you set up for yourself from the very beginning.

Becoming is the reaching of our goals, it is the accomplishment of the aims we set for ourselves.  It is also a step towards becoming a  because a conqueror is someone who has the ability to overcome, surmount, and defeat any challenge placed before them.

The minute you decide and commit to continuous growth, towards continuous becoming, is the moment you align yourself amongst the greats.

Once you begin this process of thinking deeply, believing strongly, striving fearlessly, while continuing to become more of who you are, you will in effect become a modern-day conqueror.

So let’s roll up our sleeves, spit on our hands, and get out there and start conquering life

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