What Nobody Will Tell You That’s Inside You

The society has failed us in several ways but that only bothered me back when I only let people dictate my future, tell me what my life should look like or even tell me how I should behave.

Right now I don’t need anyone to tell me how far I should aim because those same people who told you that you’re different will still be the same ones who will cheer you the loudest when you finally beat the odds.

Of course, they won’t start by giving you a pat on the back but rather they will start by saying things like you can’t do it, no one has ever done it, this is not how it’s done.

Here’s my question; shouldn’t it be a thing of honor to actually do it simply because no one has done it, won’t it be worth trying even if failure is certain though I do believe failing is not failure but failure is not failing to fail because you stop failing the last time you tried something and succeed.

failure is not failing to fail because you stop failing the last time you tried something and succeed.

After they have criticized you enough and you proved unstoppable they will then tell you to go ahead but now they will want you to do it their own way which is absurd because those set of individuals didn’t have the guts to try out new things in the first place so how on earth do they intend to attain success.

Let me tell you really what their plan is in case you’ve come across that kind of people or currently in touch with them, the truth is that if you don’t stay on the grounds of your convictions, you’ll be swayed away by their ignorance.

The reason why they now seem to support you is that they’ve now conceived the thought that maybe, just maybe you might be successful and they want to to be a part of the success story by fronting you and claiming it was their help but the other hidden agenda that they have is that they will never come too close because they are afraid it might backfire and tint their reputation.

Those guys don’t have the guts, they don’t have what it takes to be successful.

Success requires a whole lot of guys and one more thought you should conceive and have in your backpack while you embark on the journey of self-discovery and success is that “To be successful you need to get rid of Plan B but to stay afloat you surely need a Plan B.

To be successful you need to get rid of Plan B but to stay afloat you surely need a Plan B

The truth is that it’s always been in you, whether you’ve discovered it yet or not, whether you believe it or not it’s still in you and nobody can still that genius away from you but with your consent, they can bury it with dirt heap of criticism.

You can also bury that genius inside knowing you and render it inactive if you let their criticism get to you and destroy you and even total neglect and absolute ignorance of who you bury that genius inside of you.

Now after you’ve stuck to your convictions, defeated all odds, failed a couple of times but never gave up, learned a whole lot of lessons from your mistakes and had become a success story, everybody will want to associate with you because they’ve now seen that truly it’s in you.

Now those same people that at first said you’ll fail and that if you want to succeed you should do it their own way but you stuck to your convictions and believe in yourself which caused them to write you off as a failure and became ever willing to make fun of you when you come crashing down because they just can’t wait to tell you to your face in a way that stings so bad, do not give them that pleasure by believing that you’re not a failure, it’s either you win or you win, there’s no two ways about it.

Those same people will come back but this time they will come with a different testimony about you but because of their disgusting ego, they will still want to have an attribute, a feature and a lot in your success story so they will now say that they knew right from the beginning that you were going to make it, that you had it in you.

Don’t be deceived by their remark because you already knew from the start even when they didn’t believe, even when they left you out there in the unfriendly cold world.

The sad part of this story is that these people might even be your family, your friends or even people you trusted and so I urge you not to take it heart when you reach rejected by people because they will surely reject you if you decide to do what nobody else has done, they will reject you most especially if you decide to take decision or do something that they themselves don’t have the guts to do because they didn’t think they had it in them.

The fact that gold is buried in deep dirt of the ground doesn’t change the fact that it has that treasure inside it, the gold is the treasure despite the fact that it’s buried deep in the ground but the process is what changes everything, the same goes with everything including you.

Process is what brings out the treasure, that genius in you and nobody say that the process will be swift or that it will be comfortable because at first it will seem like the hardest and most painful thing but with time you’ll get acquainted with it and you’ll also discover that it’s not as painful and as hard as you thought.

Your thinking sometimes deceives you at first by sending off false alarm signal to the rest of your body but process also helps you to send out another signal inciting that the first signal was wrong.

Despite what you’re going through it doesn’t change they the truth which is that its still inside of you, there’s a wealth of potential locked up inside of you that’s waiting to be unleashed.

There’s a genius on the inside of you, believe that truth!
There’s a genius on the inside of you, accept that fact!
There a genius on the inside of you, encourage that thought!
There’s a genius on the inside of you, entertain that conviction!

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