Unique And Compelling Questions To Help You Create Your Career Vision

Do you find it difficult and a bit challenging to ascertain where you’ll be in a few years to come?

It’s truly okay to feel that way when you really don’t know what to do but that’s the reason we prepared this “chef-d’oeuvre”, which will help build a vision for the life you desire by providing questions that you yourself.

Have the last few years been cruel or kind to you, professionally speaking? Even if your career didn’t take a hit, the recent economic tumult may have you shudder in your boots over the future.

“Your career is long,” says career coach Deborah Brown-Volkman. “Some people work for 40, 50 or 60 years. Don’t get stuck in the here and now whereas what is happening at this moment is just a small span in a long career. Instead, create a vision to help you move forward.”

You Have The Right To Claim Whatever You Want

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Taking a firm decision on what you want to do doesn’t happen overnight, but the process can be simple and clear. “All of life’s journeys begin with the phrase, ‘I want,'”. “It’s a very powerful phrase, and without it, it’s hard to go very far not just in your career but in life generally.” this truth about life being a trip can also be likened to your professional journey. It’s a trip, revealing that if you didn’t decide where you wanted to go on vacation, you’d likely wind up at a destination you don’t enjoy.

What Is It That You Really Want

It’s hard to say what you want when you’re not sure of it. “The reason certain people can’t answer that question is that it’s too overwhelming,” most people are so scared of being wrong so anytime that question about what they want pops up,  they blank out. “it’s so much easier to say what you don’t want. You can facilely say, ‘I don’t want to work for a large company,’ or ‘I don’t want a lengthy commute,’ ‘or I don’t want this or that. Saying what you don’t want comes effortlessly but the flip side of what you don’t want is what is it really that you want?


Get Rid Of Your Anxiety

“The first thing you should know about fear is that it ain’t real”. It seems real only because you imagined it to be real and it will become inconsequential if you view it from another perspective where you don’t give it a priority. If creating a vision is so simple, the question should be, why don’t more people do it? The true answer is “People are lost and afraid now, and they’re scared to say what they want because they’re afraid of not getting it,” It’s as simple as that.

“When it comes to vision, people sometimes won’t even say what it is that they actually want unless they know for sure that they will get there or how to get there. You have to create that thing you really want because believe me if you don’t, it’s likely that you will wind up accepting a vision or reality created by another person without your best intention in mind.

You really need to be intentional, you have to create what you want first and then live into it. It’s like a declaration. It takes courage—and a bit of faith.

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Its Time To Ask Yourself

Sticking with me up to this point I guess you’re ready.

I just heard you ask,  ready for what?

Are you ready to take your vision insight to the next level? Are you ready to build a vision for your desired professional destination? Start right now by putting it down on a piece of paper because I believe that if you write down your vision and look at it on a daily basis, it’s more likely it will happen, ” Either consciously or subconsciously, you’ll take steps to make it a reality.”

I recommend you start with the following few questions and remember to write down your answers as it will help to navigate you throughout this process,  also endeavor to write down other questions that might pop up in your head during this vision discovery process.

1.  If I’m given a magic wand to change anything, what would I want to be distinctive in my career?

2.  What type of job would I want?

3.  What would I want to be responsible for?

4.  What type of boss/coworkers/team would I want?

5.  What kind of hours would I want to work?

6.  What type of company would I want to work for?

7.  What sort of culture would I want the company to have?

8.  What city would I want to live in?

9.  What salary would I want to earn?

10. What would I want my approach to stress, my workload and deadlines be?

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Enroll And Become Part Of The Game

Once you have a vision, start exploring new positions that would offer some, if not all, aspects of it. You may have to switch industries or change careers, but you’ll lead a more fulfilling professional life.

“Everybody needs a game to play,” and if you don’t have a game, you will get stuck in the today. The only way out when you’re stuck is to say, ‘This is what I want next.'”

You just have to use that powerful phrase I proclaim “WHAT IT IS THAT YOU REALLY WANT”

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