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Unconventional Knowledge Of The Power Of One You Don’t Learn In School

We’ve been distracted a lot that we no longer put the facts that matters into retrospect.  We pursue so many things all at the same time forgetting the mantra that we all grew up with “A Jack of all trade will become master of nothing”.

We spend precious times and moments whiling away in deep thoughts and falling into depression simply because we exclude the relevant and focus so much on the irrelevant. The time ought to be invested in creating ideas and birthing new possibilities is encapsulated with worry and anxiety.

We think of taking a million step all at the same time instead of focusing at taking one step at a time,  when are we supposed to heed to this wake up call and start focusing on the things that matters by embracing the principle of the Power of One.

The truth is that 80% of the decision we make attributes to the 20% productivity that results from those actions whereas the bottom 20% in most cases often neglected because of their negligible appearance  contributes significantly to the maximum performance and result that becomes evidential in our lives.

The idea is that if only we can pay attention to the things that really matter, shut down the distractions and be able to pinpoint those actions and decisions that really matters, we can actually increase our performance, career and personal lives exponentially.

The secret in attaining this goal that seem ridiculous is to understand and master the power of one.  We mustn’t be going the same way everyone else is going,  we mustn’t be heading the same direction everyone else out there is heading towards just because we don’t want to be alone and funny enough in most cases we don’t even know they are heading that direction,  what prompted that decision.

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We deceive ourselves by simply making the decision of going with the flow,  yet that inconsequential decision reduces our potential and purpose in life,  our productivity,  efficiency and effectiveness by 80% which I believe it’s really not worth it.

In life you only need one thing that really matters. One idea is enough to change your life,  just one skill can place you on a higher pedestal,  just one business can transform your reality. All it takes to be in business is one customer, all it takes to be a brand is having one best seller product,  all you need to be a best seller,  is to have one best selling product which can be book,  an album or even a song.

Awards are usually given to a person for one significant contribution to the universe. You just need one person who you can confide in when the going gets tough, you need just one person who can look at you straight to the face and scold you,  and say you messed up big time,  you need only one person who you can trust to hold accountable, you need just one person whom you can love,  trust,  cherish and spend the rest of your life with.

Every sphere of life is affected by the power of one and while it’s true that you need to diversify later in future in order to remain relevant and effective but the truth is that if you haven’t been able to maximize the power of one then you won’t have a proper focus on your journey of purpose and victorious living.

Donatus Prince

Put some of the great inventors, entrepreneurs and most of the icons we celebrate today all had one thing specifically that they were celebrated for yet they had other things that they were diversified into.

Mark Zuckerberg started with just one idea which is facebook,  he so maximized it before diversifying into other areas by acquiring other companies like instagram and whatsapp but he was still so smart to have them under one umbrella.

Steve Jobs, Elan Musk,  Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote, Nelson Mandela,  the Wrights Brothers,  Rockafellas, The Machman family, Thomas Edison and also countless of them we’re simply people who channeled their energy to specifically one thing became so damn good at it, have went on to impact millions of people around the globe.

All you have to do I pick up just idea,  one vision,  one business at a time and run with it.  Channel all you creativity to just that idea,  that goal, that vision,  that career or business,  give it your best shot and I guarantee that you will surely get the same reward and result that everyone that has maximized the power of one principle got which is Success.

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I also want to bring to your notice that this principle works just anywhere in the universe,  it’s been active for ages, it’s still working now and it’s still will be working till after we’re gone.

David was brought into the house of Saul in 1 Samuel 16:18 specifically because of his skillful handling of the musical instruments based on recommendation. He was so good at it and it earned him the first meeting he had with the king.  He so maximized the power of one that provided him with an opportunity in the kings palace.

Now David is basically remembered for one thing,  his bravely!  His bravely in rescuing his sheep from the wild animals and delivering the children of Israel from the grasp of blood hungry Goliath who seek to destroy them.  Read through the history of David and one thing is always significant “his bravery”.

Some other men of old that applied this same principle of the power of one were Daniel (you can study the book of Daniel for indepth insight), Josheb-basshebeth, a Tahchemonite, chief of the Three [heroes], known also as Adino the Eznite, Eleazar son of Dodo, son of Ahohi, Shammah son of Agee the Hararite and so many other which you can also read their story in 2 Samuel 23:8-39.

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The truthful reality is that you don’t need a lot of ideas or so many whatever to start, just utilize the power of one for your personal life, your career,  relationship and your spiritual life. Make a firm decision to seek out just one thing,  develop that thing so much and during the early stages don’t bother about scaling.

Scaling can be good but if you’re not really preformed for it,  it will destroy you and ruin everything that you’ve so labored for. I have seen successful people that lost everything simply because they wanted to scale which is good but they were not ready for it just yet,  they were impatient, they didn’t want to learn initially but obviously they had to learn but the hard and painful way which could have been averted. The safest way to avoid this mishap is to integrate the power of one into your everyday living.

Power of One also because of the balance it brings along with it and also its ability to help you focus on one goal at a time improves productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and creativity by channeling your genius energy to one particular task. It helps keep you occupied thereby reducing the chances of being distracted while on your path to greatness because believe you me, there are lots and lots of distractions out there just waiting to devour you.

Bill Gate started also with one idea of a business which was Microsoft, just that one idea of a business transformed his reality and he gained a certain degree of mastery before he began to diversify.

Another thing that the power of one does for you is that it makes you understand when you’re ready to take on the next step because it has so trained your consciousness and have given you absolute mastery and experience that you’ll need in the next phase. 

Avoid the distractions that comes along as a result of multi tasking,  don’t be too hasty to scale or diversify rashly due to pressure because growth can be great and awesome but it can also be catastrophic and thoroughly damaging especially if not prepared for it so instead fully, utilize fully the ultimate Power of One that is so readily available at your disposal

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Make a decision today to just pick up one goal at a time,  it can be gaining a new skill,  loosing few pounds, taking few online courses,  it can be taking a decision to tell your spouse and kids how much you love them and how they make you feel alive, you can choose to do it everyday,  it can be some kind of exercise and it doesn’t matter how small and inconsequential it may seem, the goal is to develop a stick-ability attitude.

Integrate the Power of One into your Lifestyle!

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