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There’s An Immediate Urgency For You To Rise Up & Here’s Why!

You cannot reach your dreams,  you can aspire but won’t achieve anything if you don’t decide to rise up and actually do something.  You will amount to nothing by simply sitting down back right there in your couch, sitting down right there in your comfort zone and doing there.

Truth be told, it basically means you’re dead because to me anything that is not growing is pretty much dead to me because in that manner you’re dead to productivity,  your dead to creative thinking and lucrative brainstorming sessions that will yield result.

So many people kind of find somebody to blame for their inadequacies but funny enough these same people are the ones supposed to be blamed for their inability to rise up and actually do something.

I have heard people give excuses like I was born into a poor family,  I’m from Third World countries,  the governments are not doing their job properly and blah blah blah. Yes! you heard me I called those your excuses lame because I believe that your problem is really not the problem but the real problem is you.


Are you being blamed or judged by me? Of course not;  who are my to judge or blame another man, but I still have to tell you this hardcore truth. despite the fact that it might sound bitter and cold or even make you feel bad. The reality is fact has no feelings, but I still want you to know that whatever I’m telling you is because I care about you and it’s deeply birthed out of love because I want you to rise up, go out there and kick asses (I mean kick the ass of as many people out there as possible because you’ve got the universe’s permission to do that)

Your mind is what needs to first arise because that’s when your true genius will come alive,  you see it’s trapped in there but the moment you decide to arise, you’re setting free your imagination and potential from the bondage and dungeon of limitation.

Your journey of rising starts with your decision,  your decision to be set free and after you’ve decided unlimited ideas will start flowing into your mind but what will determine how far you’ll go in your journey of rising is your commitment to those decisions you took initially.

Challenge will show up to put you back into state and circumstance that you’ve just decided to rise from.

You really need to be committed and one of the right mindset to make is understanding that you are your greatest enemy. Once you can fathom that fact and conquer that thought of quitting repeatedly, your mindset will be corrected then other challenges that show up are lesser enemies which you can easily defeat since you’ve put to death their king.

It’s just like when the king of an army is killed on the battlefield, his soldiers flee from battle because they count themselves already losers.  This is what happened between David representing Israel and Goliath representing Philistine, when David killed Goliath (one man but was their bargaining chip,  Israel’s greatest threat)the entire army of the Philistines were put in o flight and only then could the Israelites craw out of their hiding to slay their enemies because they perceived that the greater enemy has been slain.  It would also be educative to observe that after that encounter with the giant of the Philistines in the person of Goliath,  they were never again as recorded in history afraid of giants because some of them went on later to take the title of the giant slayer.

Why did I decide to bring this illustration into the equation, it’s because I want you to picture in your head how David slew his giant and how the Israelites were never again afraid to face another giant,  your challenge  might not be called Goliath but it sure is oppressing you as Goliath did to the army of Israel,  it’s tormenting and torturing you.

Here’s what you’ll do “Rise Up”

The truth is that all the excuses for “why you can’t” are simply in your head and not true,  I know that because I’ve been in that situation before and I was wrong just as you are but if you’re still in doubt about what I said,  give it a try by your decision to rise up so we’ll see who’s right and whose wrong.

Man Kicking Heavy Bag

A few years ago I was skeptical about leaving a job because I couldn’t bear the thought of how to survive without a paycheck but I wasn’t really developing as a person both intellectually and otherwise so I figured out that I am indeed wasting away and I wanted to resign but I was afraid that I won’t survive without a paycheck.  I wasn’t even worried about how to achieve my goal of self-development instead I held onto my plan B  which was staying in a job that reduces my productivity.  I was stuck in that situation for quite some time till I came across a book (it was kind of like my David) that helped me conquer my real problem which was ME. I finally quit the job and then I discovered that it wasn’t as hard as my imagination had thought it to be,  I found out that all this while I was the problem and not the problem I thought was the problem.

Have a solid conviction about yourself,  who you are,  what you can become and I want you to also house the thought that there’s really no limit to what you can achieve. The truth is that the world is waiting for you message and you don’t have to stress yourself about what message to project because that your mess,  your inadequacies can become your message to several other people that are having the same challenge you one had,  you can become their David,  the David that they look up to but all these will be of no effect if you don’t decide to Rise Up today.

You might have come across a product offering a promo discount or something similar in nature, so is nature offering you the “Rise Up ” product and It’s a one time offer only with the sales copy written boldly ACT NOW

Nobody but you alone  can change your life for good, can make all those dreams come true,  can turn your mess into your message which will inspire millions around the world,  only you can slay that  Goliath but the only way to achieve this is for you to Rise Up

Rise Up Now because there’s just something glorious you’re not seeing all along because you’re simply sitting down

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