The Worst Advice Is Why Don’t You Just Give Up


This is the worst advice you can’t get as a human and it really doesn’t matter who it’s coming from because all that actually matters is getting rid of it as it decreases your productivity exponentially.

I remember vividly being asked this question a couple of times and I know that you’ll come across concerned friends and family members who will or has already asked you this same question.

I’ve been asked that question a lot, friends have offered me that hazardous piece of advice to give pack up my thoughts and ideas, and then head home because they can’t see a possibility in my endeavors.

They say you’re hardly making any money and yet you’re putting in so much time and energy into this thing (that’s what they call my ideas, my vision, my dream), why don’t you just quit.

Those famous words I’m sure you have also heard it countless times on your journey but if you haven’t heard it yet, well prepare to embrace it when it comes but know for sure that it hurts so badly especially when it’s coming from the people whom you thought got your back.

Believe me, it hurts!

But it’s ok…


How can it be okay when you’re dealing with something that hurts so bad?

I even recommend you don’t take it out on them because the truth is, those people who say it don’t really understand what you do to an extent, at least in most cases. The ideas you’re presenting just seems foreign to them so they are involuntarily forced to reject it.

They haven’t seen it exist before!

They don’t know the potential and value!

They simply don’t know what you have gained from your business already which is so much more important than money.

It can be Personal growth, New Friendships, Fun, Being part of something

Finally having a purpose is of more value because if you only focus on the money I can confidently tell you that you won’t last long because money is not what we’ve interpreted it to be

The beauty of it all is also that If you Focus on all the other stuff, the money will be a by-product of the number of people you have served, added value to or created solutions because money dwells only on the ground of value exchange.

Over a 10years ago the Wright brothers were told.

You will never get that thing in the sky!

You should just quit!

Now you can get an Airbus A380 up in the sky which is super fun and awesome – of course, the Wright brothers made money because there was an exchange of value

Some people will never understand what you do or why you do it which is truly okay and I’ve got no beef with that but what gets me irritated is when you because of the hearsays give up, that is what totally drives me crazy and nuts.

I again sound the alarm and I hope you really listen this time because “one thing you should never allow to happen is letting someone convince you to quit”

For your own good terminate that negativity immediately.

Stay Focused!

Stay Hungry!

Stay Humble!

Stay Alert!

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