The Easiest Way To Overcome Challenges Is To Connect With Your Creativity

Have you ever had that feeling of being bounded and confined within limits in your abilities to pursue something that you really wanted to achieve?

Think about it for a second and then continue reading

Maybe it was an ambition, dream or vision of something you had, an idea to start something probably a business or so,  to pursue a career or perhaps it was an opportunity that came your way, but you weren’t able to take it because something you can’t explain held you back.

Often, we’re unable to progress towards our goals because such unexplainable obstacles stand in the way. We let our limitations stop and overshadow our competency to see through to a goal.

The truth is that there’s one thing that we rarely think of to use when trying to overcome limitations and it is the only antidote to relieve ourself of that poison of confinement

It’s Creativity.

What is Creativity?

Creativity isn’t an in born or native talent born with but it’s more like a skill and one thing with skills is that the more you explore and practice it regularly, the better you become at that skill so creativity isn’t any different.

I don’t know why this is so but it’s the truth; Creativity is a much needed, but often neglected, skill that everyone has! It’s a skill with an enormous influence that allows you to generate gigantic and jumbo size of value from somewhat negligible input.

Like I always say; Creativity is being able to view things from a perspective that others cannot. It’s an artistic way to create new possibilities and solutions to different problems.

I have to again buttress on the point that many have seem to miss and that is that everything including brilliant inventions, cannot come from nothing; it all gets its derivatives from some sort of inspiration. Creativity works by connecting things together in order to arrive at new meaning or value.

Creativity is simply about locating and connecting the dots

From this angle of view it means you can find creativity at play in many areas and it has never been this easy to connect with your creativity

Let’s go through a little case study for more insights and clarification; Mark Zuckerburg rapidly became successful by taking the previously existing concept of social media, and combining it with an incredibly simple interface that appealed to a much wider audience. Uber and Lyft combined the idea of a traditional taxi service with an incredibly efficient smartphone app.

Both of the above examples mentioned in our case study connects different ideas and you can also find common ground amongst the differences and create a completely new idea out of them.

That’s creativity in place; the beauty of creativity is that anyone, no matter the social status,  background, race, sex or where you’re from can actually connect and also improve their creativity.

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Limitations are Actually Opportunities in Disguise

The advantage of using creativity, is to help you see limitations as opportunities. Take any limitation that you may find yourself facing as a case study. Ask yourself is there a way to look at things differently? The moment you start asking yourself this questions you’re putting your left brain to work and the moment you get an answer, your right brain will begin to narrow it down to a new and different solution that never existed before.

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