Interesting Comparison Between Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence

As the advent of artificial intelligence is rapidly unveiling itself, it would be interesting and educating to understand both the human intelligence and the artificial intelligence which seeks to replace it, so we can better know how to position ourselves during the transition.

Mode of creation

Human intelligence is bigger because its creation of God and artificial intelligence as the name suggests is artificial, little and temporary created by humans. also, Humans intelligence is the real creator of artificial intelligence even but they cannot create a human being with superiority.

Learning process

Human intelligence is based on the variants they encounter in life and responses they get which may result in millions of functions overall in their lives. However, for Artificial intelligence is defined or developed for specific tasks only and its applicability on other tasks may not be easily possible.


Artificial intelligence can beat human intelligence in some specific areas such as in Chess a supercomputer has beaten the human player due to being able to store all the moves played by all humans so far and being able to think ahead 10 moves as compared to human players who can think 10 steps ahead but cannot store and retrieve that number of moves in Chess.

The accelerating rate of technological change makes it likely that people will have both the computational capacity and scientific knowledge to create AGI in the next few decades.

Having AGI will be beneficial to humanity. For example, it may enable humans to mitigate global problems such as climate change.

It may also lead to an increase in the rate of economic growth and level of production.

Intelligent and super intelligent machines are the future of humanity.

Following is the set of points shows the comparison between Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

Comparison between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

Energy efficiency

25 watts the human brain while 2 watts for modern machine learning machine


Humans usually learn how to manage hundreds of different skills during life while consuming kilowatts of energy, this machine is usually designed for a few tasks.


The human worker works on multiple responsibilities but the time needed to teach system on each and every response is considerably high.

Decision Making

Humans have the ability to learn decision making from experienced scenarios. Even the most advanced robots can hardly compete in mobility with 6 years old child. And this results we have after 60 years of research and development.


Brains are Analogue while computers are digital

Summary –  Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

Human intelligence revolves around adapting to the environment using a combination of several cognitive processes. The field of Artificial intelligence focuses on designing machines that can mimic human behavior. However, AI researchers are able to go as far as implementing Weak AI, but not Strong AI. In fact, some believe that Strong AI is never possible due to the various differences between the human brain and a computer. So, at the moment, the mere ability to mimic human behavior is considered as Artificial Intelligence.

Also, the utilization of artificial intelligence will surely make life even more convenient for humankind in the years to come and even force humans to evolve their skill sets, it will perhaps never be possible for such machines to completely replace the human resource

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