Important Life Lessons Concept Of Money Taught Me That Will Shock You

So many wrong doctrines have been taught about money and to a great extent, it has contributed to the inadequacy and deficiencies that arise whenever the subject of money is mentioned.

Financial institutions have no clue about money and yet they give advice to people about how to manage their money which is so absurd because it has created menace in individuals.
We’ll be bringing to light the Important Lessons Concept Of Money Taught Me, it’s effects on us and to a large extent how it works because this is where the society seems to have it all wrong.

Money is defined by most people as a medium or ground for exchange which is true but totally wrong when you judge it from the angle that the society has taught it.

I know this because I was feed that same piece of junk and I wasted a whole lot of precious time trying to get that so-called money as I was thought, hustling to get those papers but it seems the more I pursue it the farther away it becomes (I’m sharing from my own personal life experience)

which made the puzzle not to add up. I was smart enough or would I say privileged enough to start again reviewing the concept of money and I also discovered that there are thousands upon thousands of people out there who were making and still making this same mistake I made probably because they were fed the same garbage that I had bought or perhaps because they were brought up within the wrong culture with wrong conceptions about money just like I was.

If you’re truly going to unlock that genius in you then having the knowledge of money should be your top priority because almost everything revolves around money which you’ll get to understand later in this article if you continue reading.

I had to pull back and asked myself some serious questions because if money is truly what they say and what I’ve seen it to be then it’s either there’s something I’m doing that isn’t right or the whole money thing is pure scam (after all it won’t be the first time they lied to us)

You see, that thinking made me begin to analyze the concept of money all from the start and of course I started reading, I was studying, taking some online classes which were mostly free thanks to the advent of the internet and I was buried in research because for me my life and future depend on it.

While I was reading on the subject and studying people who actually have it figured out already, I noticed something unusual. You might have witnessed it but you probably didn’t know what it’s called or what was happening to you but believe me when I say it “something really happened”.

Have you ever wondered why when you give yourself into reading and studying, it’s like a door or pathway in your mind is unlocked and you’re are granted access into another realm of creativity that enables you to think outside the box?
Is it making sense now?

This was what happened to Ben Carson, Grant Cardone and the likes of them, it happened to Abraham Lincoln, Richard Branson, it happened to ME, it might have also happened to you (it can still happen to you if you haven’t experienced it but also know that it’s also not a one time thing).

That epiphany is what seems to connect all the dots and only then will whatever you’re doing begin to make sense.

For me, it was then that I came to understand that since money is the ground for exchange then all I need to do is make my ground palatable so that the exchange to take place.

I discovered that what I have been doing was chasing shadows, I was chasing the paper that followed the value-added while neglecting the value that the paper follows.

When you’re in a battle and you’re shooting but it seems like your enemies are still advancing and not affected by your shots, you need to retreat but not necessarily give up on the battle instead you need to retreat and check your gun because you might have been wasting time and energy shooting and firing blanks.

When you’re pursuing a goal and it just seems like you’re firing blank, you need to step back a bit and look at your strategy, you need to go back to your drawing board because something is definitely wrong and only then will you draw up a new line of action by fixing your loopholes, set a new plan and strategy in place and then emerge a victor because you’re a Genius.

That was a major turning point for me, it felt like I’ve won the American lottery which is another whole new level of scam but I still felt like I won it anyway.

The good news is that you can feel that way or whichever way you prefer because money doesn’t give a damn which country, culture or background you’re coming from, money doesn’t answer based on gender neither does it care about your story (there are still other countless things money doesn’t care out) but it sure answers to the person with the correct strategy.

The one who holds the formula or recipe is the one money is willing to do his or her bidding and mind you, money is a good and loyal servant. Money has this thing for people who have proper knowledge of it and it tends to flow towards their direction because just like every reasonable human being money loves to associate with responsible individuals which means money has a taste.

Money is simply valuables that can be exchanged economically.

Which is to say that that your money is simply anything you possess that can add value to someone else and they are willing to exchange it for cash or even goods and services.

Since we’ve established the theory that money has taste, I won’t be wrong to say that the money flowing your direction is directly proportional to the taste of value you’re offering.

Don’t be fooled by the elites and financial institutions that have no idea what money is and yet they give you financial advice, the truth is you can’t give what you don’t have. Those guys don’t have any knowledge about money so they are helpless to you in that area and because they are deficient in that area they’re living off from paycheque to paycheque.

From the insight you just got, you check out their lives you’ll see that they are not adding much value to people either, not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know how to. They have a poor value taste which equals no or little money.

Again in my own opinion I think the amount of money flowing towards your direction is simply the measure of value you’re offering.

Looking at money now with a new perspective you’ll understand that the value you’re offering determines the cash flowing in and that is the concept of money.

For example, a cleaner might work several hours longer than a doctor but the doctor will still earn more in a month that she might earn in a year because of the value both parties are offering.
Increase the value you’re offering, reach more people who have the need for your expertise and add value to their lives and you’ll get the reward in monetary form.

The concept of money is simple but people who don’t understand money make it so difficult to understand and extremely boring to connect with.

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