Overcoming Negative Assumption

How To Use The Negative Assumptions Of People To Your Own Advantage

Everyone around me both friends and enemies now thinks that surely I’m crazy but the truth is, I myself also think that I am crazy and not bothered about it.  In fact, I told someone that told me that I’m crazy that this statement was the first correct statement he made about me since I’ve known him.

I don’t know about you but if your actions have not been perceived as craziness then you’re far from reaching your purpose in life.

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Attaining success itself is absolute craziness because there’s just no sense why you push yourself beyond your limits, work hard to become the best at what you do and then what, so that people just clap and cheer you saying wow you’re really successful.

Believe me, if that is all there is to success, then it’s not really worth much! Don’t you think so too?

Friends if that’s your definition of success then you’re crazier than I am but if your definition of success is adding impact to mankind, not because of peoples applaud but you have a conviction of marking your footprint in the sand print of time then you’re just as crazy as I am.

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Welcome to the crazy camp!

Believe it or not, everyone is crazy and there are two categories of crazy people, the question is which category do you fall into because obviously every human being dwells in one.  There’s those that are negatively crazy and the positively crazy folk which is where unfortunately I fall in, don’t know about you but I really hope you join this camp if you’re still on the other side. You see I and the most respected thought leaders across the globe both living and those already gone to be with the Lord (check their history), we have this particular thing in common

I got an email from a foreign marketer from America precisely asking me to teach Him how to use Whatsapp while others were asking for my course! That’s freaking crazy and it’s not funny because he wasn’t the only one having that challenge and it’s no brainer because so many trainers and teachers that know their stuff have been and still is traveling around the globe sharing their knowledge and expertise. (you won’t even begin to imagine the crazy emails I’ve received but let’s leave it for another day)

Don’t look down on yourself believing all those lies they feed you with on the news and social media labeling Africa as illiterate, the brightest minds are here in Africa, the problem is that we haven’t learned how to fully utilize our potential, and they know the potential in Africa that’s why they (Foreigners) keep coming back.

If we’re such a no-good continent, then they should go back to their country where everyone is literate.  Our craziness is generating a radical savor of positivity that the world cannot resist.

Here’s a truth that will propel you to achieve anything in life if you can only aspire it.

We all celebrate excellence today necessarily because of the results of resulting from disciplined crazy decisions, do you think it was easy to take an outrageous decision that probably caused discomfort which is anyway temporarily; No I don’t think so because just like most people would say it, it’s simply being crazy. The real crazy question is at the end who actually is the real joker.

I am proud and most honored with much delight to proclaim that I am not negatively crazy but my craziness has positivity in it, it is so positive that it has guided me through tough challenges and has enabled me in all sphere of life.

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Friends that’s the positive power of craziness.

Think of King David, he was a crazy guy.  He knew he was crazy, the soldiers of Israel knew he was crazy, his brothers also knew and so did King Saul. King Saul knows that this young lad is so crazy because it was crazily stupid to enter into a fight with Goliath whom the bible recorded was a champion and Saul also confirmed that he’s being a man of war since his youth. In the end, David’s positive craziness encapsulated the entire army of Israel after he slew the giant causing them to creep out of their hiding and pursue the same people they were scared to face. (1 Samuel Chapter 17)

Friends that’s how powerful your craziness can affect a generation.

Gideon was another crazy guy, he knew he was crazy and God also knew he was crazy because the word of God says that the foolishness of God is still wiser than men which means that most of God’s dealings with us will seem crazy. How crazier can it get Than mobilizing 300 soldiers to fight an entire army?  It’s crazily stupid no matter how good the soldiers are the odds will always be against.

Point clear. The Mission was a suicide mission in which they will all die just like the 300 Spartans. Guess what (you know the story), Gideon survived and his craziness positively influenced an entire nation who made him their judge. (Judges Chapter 7)

Jesus on earth was another badass, crazy guy, even his mother knew he was crazy and that was why she told the servants serving at the wedding feast to do whatever he asks them to do (as a mother she kind of sensed he will come up with a crazy idea and he sure didn’t disappoint her).

I can only imagine the look on the faces of those servants when Jesus asked them to fill the wine jar with water and as if that was not enough he asked them to serve the guest water.  How ridiculous is that, despite the mother of Jesus giving them a head start about his crazy son, they were like this guy is really crazier than we hoped!

That craziness turned the entire feast around and filled the atmosphere with splendor as the Chief of the event congratulated the groom on how amazing the wine was. Little did he know that it was as a result of a crazy idea fueled with a crazy faith put together by crazy men. (John Chapter 2)

My prayer every day is “Lord let my craziness so affect people positively”

The truth is that every invention and history you celebrate today is a result of a crazy individual that took crazy decisions backed up by crazy action equaling crazy achievement.

Another truth is that people love to celebrate craziness because they know they cannot afford to be that crazy, they are so afraid of making a fool out of themselves, but guess what- staying idle and doing nothing is what actually makes you a fool.

Who thought tiger woods was going to win the masters ever again, everyone called him crazy, he knew he was crazy but in the end, the entire world celebrated the crazy return of a crazy golfer when he won the Masters championship.

The Bible says that while we are yet sinners he died for us and then in another portion it says that it’s already difficult for a man to give his life for an innocent man but Jesus gave his life for us while we were still condemned.  I don’t know how crazier than that can it get.

While with his disciples he mentioned it and Peter rebuked him because truly it sounded crazy and truth be told Jesus knew the action he was about to take was crazy and that’s why he told his disciples that they won’t fully understand what he’s doing but that when the spirit of truth comes, he will reveal the truth to them.

It’s just like when Henry Ford was making all those mistakes, while the Wright brothers were building what we today called the airplane, while Abraham Lincoln was failing multiple times and yet refused to give up etc. People were rebuking them for taking such crazy decisions but their reply was you won’t understand now.

Truly nobody will understand you because you’re crazy but when your craziness positively overshadows the whole environment they will finally appreciate your craziness and then you’ll influence more people to join the Crazy Camp.

Bottom line is that everyone is so damn crazy but the difference is that some are negatively crazy because they stay and do nothing while some are positively crazy because they strive to make an impact and I am glad to be in that category.

What about you?

Where do you belong?

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