How To Live An Impactful Life Without Regrets

If you’re asked How Do You Define Your Life?  What will your answer be?

P.S. I really recommend you take some time to absorb the above statement before you continue.

This question seems simple but yet complicated and leaves you stammering your answer but let me rephrase that question only that this time it will be more complicated

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Are You Living Your Life or Are You Just Existing in Life?

The truth is that It’s okay not to know, but it’s not okay to not do something about it especially after reading this masterpiece.

Is your existence quantified as a routine; a cup of steaming hot coffee in the morning, a walk on the beach with your pup, actually putting down your cellphone and picking up a good book, swimming in the ocean, hanging out with a close friend or singing Kum-ba-ya in church

Believe me, all these are some of the things I find myself rejoicing in also but still, I’m forced to ask myself this heartbreaking question. The simplicities that generate that giddy happy feeling from the top of my head all the way down to the tips of my toes, yes they are good but what does it mean? This myriad of miscellaneous activities, is this what constitutes my life?

P.S. this is not one of those articles you read in a rush; take time to absorb it and then ask yourself some serious questions. Demand answers because it’s written if you ask you shall surely receive it. (Mathew 7:7)

Here’s an article specially crafted to help you discover your purpose today because knowing your purpose is necessary if you are to live an impactful life here on earth.

Recently, I stumbled on this question “How Do I Define My Life?” A seemingly simple question, yet I found myself drawing a blank. I thought, slightly panicking, ‘I don’t know?!” In the few years I’ve been on this earth I’m ashamed to not have an unwavering response to this question. But, here’s what I know so far:


Okay, yeah I get it, but, like, how do you achieve that?

 It’s such an unclear, fuzzy and indefinite term that just as sure, describes fugacious instances rather than an entire lifetime. That’s the catch, it presents yet another question that needs an urgent but not rash answer. how does one extend the happiness felt in one short moment throughout the entire lifetime?

Then I came up with the answer which you don’t have to totally agree with me, you can share your insights, but at that moment all I could come up with was that “You just have to do what makes you happy throughout your lifetime”.

You see it seems simple but the kicker is: “you have to find what it is that really makes you happy”. How do you do that you ask?  Well for starters set a goal and don’t let anything distract you from fulfilling that goal. Don’t expect it to happen overnight and be realistic. The human brain is really unique and the universe works like magic which makes it really surprising what you can achieve when you set your mind to it. That feeling that you get after you’ve achieved that goal? That’s happiness.

I think what it means to live is to wake up each day with the intention of adding value to the universe,  that feeling of impacting value is true happiness and it’s a sign that you’re living and not just existing.

Those that are existing are simply those that wait for everything to be handed over to them, never lifting a finger or making any contribution to mankind. There are those that are physically dead but their contribution to mankind still lives which makes them still living

P.S. every history you celebrate is a monument of someone’s commitment and it lives on even after they’re dead.

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No one truly knows how to live a happy and fulfilling life, everyone is different. The answer to someone may be totally foreign to another. That’s another important factor brought into view because you can’t let anyone other than yourself dictate your happiness. Doing so would be equivalent to handing someone the reigns of your own life. What would you do if they crashed? Realizing this truth is vital in order for you to wholeheartedly pursue your goals, there should be no external limitations that push you astray from your dreams.

I really have to touch the tricky topic, love.

It is so true that we love our parents, our friends, our dogs (especially our dogs). But does that mean we should enable them or give them the full power of attorney in making major life decisions for us?

Absolutely not.

Advice is just that, advice. You can listen to it, consider it, and take it if you so choose but there is no handbook requiring you to adhere to the advice your loved ones serve you. Relationships with friends and family are very important and shouldn’t be abated, but your friends and family sure aren’t going to be the ones living with your decisions thereafter: YOU ARE!

Like I said in the beginning It’s okay not to know initially, the truth is no one really does. You just have to have the strength and determination to pursue happiness unflinchingly until you’ve reached the end of your life and realize you don’t have any regret.

You will look back at your life and then with your head lifted up high, you’ll be proud of your achievements in life because you just discovered that you’ve lived your life to fullest, that you were true to yourself and to your dreams, that you made a significant contribution and impact to humanity.

That should be how life should be truly defined

It is absolutely important you understand that you will never find true happiness in any material thing except in your maker who is God almighty; he’s the master of the universe and he created you with a definite purpose in mind to suit him.

Life will never have meaning if you don’t realize that you are created to fit a purpose ordained by God because King Solomon said something in his book of proverbs “a life devoted to things is a dead thing, a stump but a God-shaped life is a flourishing life. (Proverbs 11:28)

You ask yourself that question and provide the answer, check from within yourself whether you’re living a flourishing life or dwelling in a stump.

Paul also further addressed this issue when he wrote to the Colossians saying “for everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank after rank after angels, everything started in him and also finds its purpose in him. (Colossian 1:16)

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