How To Create Your Own Opportunities And Realities In 3 Simple But Powerful Steps

The basic law of life that I want to bring to your notice is “There will always be opportunities for those who recognize and pursue them” so don’t just sit around and wait for an opportunity to be handed over to you because it won’t happen, not now- not ever.

But let’s just say it did miraculously happen; it won’t become a habitual occurrence happening every time and day, just showing up in your reluctant arm and won’t think twice to show up again if you misuse it because you definitely will because you don’t yet understand the value.

It’s usually rare for opportunities to just fall into your reluctant, clumsy and lazy personality (I don’t mean to be harsh or insulting here because we are all learning) which is why the saying opportunity comes but once came into existence; that saying is slightly true because when you understand these basic and simple yet powerful steps about to be revealed in this article, you can create as many opportunities as you like and as many opportunities as your strength can carry.

Life doesn’t give you what you deserve, life gives you what you demand. That you demand it doesn’t mean life will give it to you, you have to demand it with conviction and understanding because the lucky people are simply those who have taken more chances than average.

A man I respect so much once said: “There a difference between lifetime opportunity and an opportunity of a lifetime”- Pastor Paul Adefarasin. Smart people take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in their lifetime.

The reality is that seizing opportunities is not as easy as it seems but nothing can limit you when you set your mind to it. It then means that you need a strategy in order to seize opportunities, one that consistently demonstrates your passion for and commitment to your field. Stick with your plan, and you’ll reap rewards in your job search, business endeavor, relationships, career or life in general

Here are three basic steps for creating your own opportunities:

Step 1: Discover Your Habitat (Niche)

The genius in you can only manifest when it’s in the right habitat, your genius can only be seen and appreciated when you dwell in the right environment.  For instance, you can say a fish is dumb because it’s on dry ground, when it’s in its environment (water), you’ll be amazed at how smart it is.  Steve Jobs or even Bill Gates won’t we celebrated as the genius they are today had they not found their niche, their natural habitat and the environment that they perform best in.

You can make your own opportunities by identifying and pursuing a niche that is either underserved or an emerging trend. Once you recognize a need, look at it objectively from all angles and get creative about how you could serve that need. This strategy applies to both entrepreneurs and those in the job market. You may have an idea about how to do something better, faster, cheaper or at a higher quality. You may have a new service idea.

Step 2: Become An Authority Figure In Your Niche

It’s important to make sure your niche overlaps with what you do well and your passion. Once you define your niche, make it your business to know more than your peers about this area. Aspire to become an authority in your field and that will give you an unfair advantage.

You need to devise a strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Figure out ways to draw attention to yourself, it’s not drawing the attention alone, keeping it on you and multiplying.

Develop, promote and lead a Web site, blog, online discussion forum or networking group on your area of expertise. Write articles and submit them to magazines, newspapers, related websites, and email newsletters. Write a book. Self-publish. Do some public speaking. Expand your sphere of influence in your area. Get quoted, consult, mentor or coach.

What you are doing is deepening, boosting and beefing up your knowledge and sharing it with the world brands you as an authority and accentuating the figure.  If you do this effectively, you will get noticed among the people who matter in your field. You may become the person people go to for information. This puts you in a wonderful position. You are no longer one of the many, but one of the few and trust me that’s a place you ought to be found in

Step 3: Observe The Law Of Giving And Receiving

One of the best ways to advance general in life is to give. The beauty of this law is that it has been at work right from the ageless past and it’s not stopping anytime soon.  Observe the great men and you’ll discover an interesting fact in all of them, they are all givers; all giving something to humanity and they are all receiving their rewards because nature itself is not a debtor.  

This is doubly powerful when the giving you engage in is directly related to your area of expertise.  It could be as little as sharing your knowledge and impacting value; whether you host a free industry trends blog, write and give away free articles or volunteer at industry events, you will be contributing in a meaningful way to the advancement of your specialty, and you will be noticed.

Have a range of acceptable outcomes that could emerge from this work. What is your goal? To land a job? To align your work with what you are passionate about? To become famous?

You will, of course, have a primary goal, but be very open to unforeseen consequences. When you commit yourself to something, life has a funny way of throwing opportunities in your direction. Always stick to your original plan and don’t get distracted by circumstances.

Develop And Work Your Plan

How are you going to pursue this opportunity? You can’t and shouldn’t do just anything that comes to mind, neither should you subscribe to everything. Pick your strategy and tactics, and create a detailed plan of action.  Don’t go about taking decisions and actions randomly. Make it happen. It sounds simple, but the execution is the most important part of the process.

Keeping in mind the process above, here is a quick list of the things you’ll need to create your own opportunities.

1. The correct mindset: You can create opportunities if you take charge of your career.

2. A spirit of adventure.

3. Self-knowledge and Awareness: Know your values, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and passion. This is the time to shape something to fit you, rather than shape you to fit your work.

4. An idea and imagination.

5. Knowledge and skills: In your area of expertise, yes, but you will also need to acquire skills to help with self-promotion.

6. Ability to analyze opportunities and make sound decisions.

7. Initiative and drive.

8. Courage.

9. Resilience: Success is rarely immediate. Resolve not to abandon this take-action spirit.

10. Flexibility: When you take the initiative, good things happen, but sometimes they aren’t what you intended. Be flexible to what life throws your way. You may be surprised.

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