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How Ignorance Has Robbed You Of Your Inheritance And Ways To Fix It

It’s so appalling and an anomaly when what we lost as a result of ignorance is put upon a weighing scale and in the words of David “oh how have the mighty fallen”.

We have been forced to live with the third world mentality of not good enough whilst our potential, our very innermost genius remains untapped. We are wrongly configured to dwell within a terrain that does not really exist.  The idea is not to behave like you’re programmed to behave but to behave and act like you’re really meant to because those that did the programming are manipulators that don’t have your interest in mind.

Here’s an opportunity for you to rise up and begin to make an impact; start today by simply reading this piece

The media, environment, and society at large have been conditioned to show you only how inadequate you’re, how unqualified and so out of place you are.  If you doubt me turn on the television, check the trending news on every portal and you will not see anything that will motivate you or breathe new ideas but does it mean that there’s not enough positivity to trend.  The truth is there is so much good news and motivation happening in the world but the media won’t show it to you because according to them it’s categorized as negligible.

They prefer to sell to you, celebrity scandals that have no positive effect and we actually buy the trash because we are the ones that carry that news around as if our lives depend on it, they love to repeat mostly mishap and disasters but they refuse to broadcast and publicize productivity or inspiration.

Now every blogger wants to turn into a celebrity blogger and spill the hot gossip because they perceive that’s what generates money forgetting that money actually follows the one that has value to add. Money will be the one chasing you and not the other way around if you decided to step out of ignorance.

The thing perceived as trending story is a show-off of pure inadequacy, the news that the bloggers and media houses prefer to carry is bad news. It’s either about a disaster or about a scandal but one thing all the news out there has in common is that they are not inspiring, educating or motivational.

Absolute ignorance has robbed us of the chance of reaching our full potential, it prevents us from accessing that genii in us that’s called genius, it has limited us to being average which is an unpleasant category to dwell in because it’s being the worst of the best and the best of the worst.  In both cases, it’s a loose scenario!

I’ve always loved the story of the prodigal son, we all know he made a mistake, he was feeding swine and feeding himself off the swine’s meal but a time came when he decided to step out of the trap of ignorance and return home. He decided to face the shame if need be but we all know how that story ended, his inheritance was restored.  (Read Luke 15:11-32)

Our inheritance is to have dominion over the earth, to possess the earth thereof and if we’re living short on that, we’re ignorant of who we truly are. The word of God declares that people perish for the lack of knowledge (Read Hosea 4:6).

The Psalmist wrote something that really struck me; he said dot you know you are gods; children of the Most-High but you will die like mere men and fall like every other ruler. It means we have so much ability and inheritance but our lack of knowledge causes us to live at a realm of possibilities that is below our true calling (Read Psalm 82:6-7)

I don’t understand why an individual will spend hours reading a newspaper that is only filled with stories page upon page about inadequacy and little or no portion for personal development.  Our school system is also facilitating the extinction of your purpose because that is why we lack the knowledge and wallow in darkness causing us to abide in ignorance. 

The school wants us to believe that there is only one option of being right but the problem with their theory is that what is right is what they say it’s right. Our school system has so deprived us of the opportunity to learn because they embed in us the “no failure” syndrome without even realizing that if you’re not failing you’re not learning.

I have always felt out of place within the four walls of the school system, I’ve felt entrapped and I asked my teachers what was wrong but they couldn’t help me because they were themselves taught the same thing and they weren’t privileged to asked questions.

I thought I wasn’t meant for school, that education wasn’t my thing since I felt so out of place in school but I was wrong again because I still find myself reading every piece I could lay my hands on.

What then is the problem?

I finally figured it out and it’s that what they were feeding me in school was irrelevant to my development but does it means schooling is a total waste of time? The school should be an environment of learning but the foreigners that brought us the school system created the system it entraps it’s subject (individuals) because they were our colonial masters. Automatically it produced average people and once you begin to step out of that box of the school system, it perceives you as a failure that was the case with Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg and the rest whom where termed failures for stepping out of the box

Those great men loved learning but felt trapped in the box so they had to step outside of the box, the school system couldn’t let them express their genius so they had to leave. Now the irony is that those same people that labeled them failures call them back after the world has celebrated their creativity and honor them with a prestigious degree that is awarded to another individual after spending years in their confinement to get that same degree.

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Here’s an illustration of how ignorance has so robbed us of who we are ” a man walked into his house but on his way in he noticed that his neighbor has no electricity and concluded that his electricity was out as well.  He walked into his house and for the next thirty minutes to an hour he was sweating and cursing the power holding company. He was so angry at the hot temperature and why the electricity wasn’t on till his wife came back and saw the condition of her husband and asked honey why are you sweating whereas there’s electricity? 

The man replied that he saw their neighbor didn’t have electricity and the wife switched on the power, Lo and behold there was electricity all along. What happened the man asked stammering and the wife smiling replied that neighbor was late know payment so the power company disconnected them.

This man has been in darkness with all that discomfort whereas all he could have done was turn on the light.  He was affected by the environment just like most people and that has caused you to be in darkness, trapped by your wrong perception and buried in ignorance.

I bring you insights and revelation today because it’s time to get rid of all ignorance syndromes, pull down those obstacles and stronghold because your deliverance is now

All you have to do I embrace the light, activate it to shine into your life and household; take charge of your inheritance, connect with that genius inside of you and maximize your potential to the fullest.

Turn on YOUR Light Today!

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