Here’s The Secret To A Happy And Fulfilling Marriage

Many of us dream of being married but how many of us can envisage the conflicts that come with that marriage and to know how to resolve them?
I would say not too many; A lot of marriages are bleeding, groaning under pressure of unresolved conflicting issues that arise in their day to day lives and not knowing if there is a way out.

Let me tell you not many couples like to admit it but conflicts are common to all marriages, but the truth is that what I have troubling my marriage sure could not be what your challenge is but in whatever form the conflicts present themselves, they need to be properly managed so they don’t tear that beautiful home apart.

What you should know is that marriage in all ramifications is not a contest, it is not a competition; it isn’t and won’t ever be.

Marriage was the first human constitution created by God and he meant it for our good and not our destruction. The only person that will like to see your marriage destroyed is the devil and also the selfish nature of the un-recreated man.

Your fight must be against the enemy which is anything that stands in your way of getting enlightened in managing your home. it can be your mindset, tradition, cultural background, etc and not your lovely spouse.

You must pray for the stability of your home and remember that marriage requires teamwork which means that both you and your spouse are on the same team with the same goal and objective which is to make the marriage work and you both must keep working at it in other to keep improving your marriage

Marriage is like a football game, for the whole 90mins that the game is on, all the players have their eyes on the ball, they watch every move it makes; the strikers look for any possible opportunity they can get to score a goal and the defenders protect the goal post from the opposition.

You as a woman be a game player, keep your eyes on the ball, watch out for the loopholes, block them, protect your marriage from anything that seeks its downfall, watch for opportunities to make your marriage stronger and make good use of them and I wish you all the best.

You as the man should play the role of a defender and ensure that you protect your marriage at all cost because you are the head of the home and your wife is submitted to you, so rest the model standard as ordained by your heavenly Father who ordained you to have a happy, fulfilling and successful marriage.

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