A Secured Future – Edwin Biayeibo

In an increasingly insecure world, people are living in tension and anxiety. The fear of death has gripped the hearts of people everywhere. Horrific scenes of death and destruction can be seen every day. 

However, in such troubled times, the child of God can be rest assured in the fact that our future is always secure in the hands of the Lord.

A man was once travelling to Singapore and a friend of his had agreed to find him a place to stay. However, when he got there, to his pleasant surprise, he found that what he had arranged for him was way better than what he had imagined. He was full of gratitude for his generosity and for the arrangements he had made.

Jeremiah 29. 9 [CEV]”I will bless you with a future filled with hope, a future of success, not of suffering”.
When we take a journey, we generally like to have proper accommodation at our destination. If not, we may even postpone our trip for another day. How encouraging it is to know that the Lord has prepared a better place for us! 

In John 14, the disciples of Jesus were troubled because He had given a hint that He would be leaving them soon. Although, at that time, they couldn’t grasp all that Jesus meant, what they heard was enough to get their anxiety levels to rise rapidly. In the midst of this scenario, the Lord made some powerful statements to bring reassurance to their troubled hearts; “I am going there to prepare a place for you”(John 14:2).

Therefore we do not face the future with uncertainty. While we may not know everything of what has been prepared, the scriptures show us that it will be something beyond our present imagination and vision.

PRAYER: Thank you father for I know my future is secured in you.

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