8 Clarification And How To Reignite Your Career

If you’re avoiding something on your career to-do list, learn how to conquer your own resistance and get it done because career advancement requires expanding your comfort zone.

Sometimes, the hindrances that you encounter along your career path are manmade. Denoting that you or someone else put them there. The actions you’re taking—or not taking—may very well be hindering your career advancement by preventing you from getting that raise or promotion you rightfully deserve.

Good news! You also have the power to get rid of these roadblocks.

It is crucial you constantly run a personality test and be accountable for your personage. “if your career isn’t going in the direction that you want it to be going, you have to look in the mirror.”

Ready to do a little self-reflection? We did a study and came up with few behaviors that may be holding back your career.

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#1 You sit  back and wait for more responsibility

Unfortunately, many – if not all workers take a backseat when it comes to asking for new job responsibilities,  but the facuality is “passively waiting for the torch to be handed to you can cause you to miss great work opportunities”.

“You need to be always a self-starter,” You achieve this by asking  your boss for new job duties, and, be specific with your ask. Don’t just say, “I want more responsibilities.” Steer yourself toward the action. Joining a high-profile project, for example, can increase your visibility within the company. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, an artist or whatever profession you should always steer yourself to get involved in something that will increase your visibility and in turn improve your productivity.

Seek out new job duties that requires your expertise because another reward that comes with it is that you learn more and improve exponentially by just doing so.

#2 You just don’t seek out new learning opportunities

“Another fact that is inarguable is that companies are looking for lifelong learners”. This isn’t just applicable to companies alone but every sphere of life appreciates such group of people who are devoted to learning new things. “The earth itself is a learning environment.“

Nobody wants to associate with those satisfied with themselves, it’s a hard thing to do so those that take upon themselves that task are rewarded for it,  everyone want to be associated with people who insists to train and grow.” That said, if your company doesn’t offer job training and other means of career advancement, the responsibility is on you to seek out new learning opportunities, such as taking online courses or gaining industry certifications.

P.S. Make it known to your supervisor that you’re taking on any outside training who knows your company may even pick up part of the tab.

#3 You feel it’s irrelevant to participate in industry groups

“Just joining [a professional association] without taking an active role is like getting a library card and never checking out a book,”

“You’re not actually leveraging your membership.” Taking on a leadership role within a professional organization, though, can boost your profile in your industry and help you form meaningful relationships with other professionals in your field.

In life everything is a weapon so use every armour in your arsenal. Do not neglect anything for whatsoever reason because no one knows when it will come in handy.

#4 You dodge networking

Career advancement requires expanding your comfort zone. We get it: Networking can feel weird, especially for introverts. Nonetheless, workers should be consistently building their sphere of influence, and that means attending networking events.

Not good at small talk? Go with a buddy who can help you strike up conversation with strangers. “Bring someone who is a bit more extroverted than you,

#5 You just haven’t set concrete career goals yet

In actual sense many professionals don’t set career goals, however, identifying short- and long-term goals—and creating a plan for how to achieve them—can help you stay focused and motivated.

Still, you have to understand the difference between career goals that you have to strive to reach and regular stuff on your to-do list for instance, updating your resume is not a goal, but gaining a new skill that you can add to your resume is a definitely a goal.

#6 You always take criticism harshly and personal

In life it’s advisable to be always ready to embrace challenges which one of them is criticism. Getting positive feedback from your boss is great, but so is getting negative feedback— you can use it to your advantage because in actual sense “All feedback is good feedback”. Thus, it’s important to have an open mind and be receptive to negative criticism.

If you’re not getting  any or enough feedback from your boss? I challenge you to take charge and ask for it right away- you will be marvelled at your productivity level afterwards.

#7 You don’t communicate well with others

Don’t you know that communication is the way of life?

Results aren’t produced in a vacuum. In fact, “it’s hard to find a work environment today that doesn’t require some type of collaboration,”  which is why building healthy relationships with co-workers is a must for career advancement. It’s also applicable in every other sphere of life,  you need to learn how to communicate and build lasting relationship with people because being a good team player entails meeting your deadlines, appreciating other people’s work styles, and most importantly avoiding office gossip.

P.S. gossip have destroyed a lot of relationship and collaboration. It kills productivity and efficiency in all the sphere of life so beware!

#8 You never ask for raises or promotions- WHY!

Remember that law that says that if thou ask- thou shall receive.  Why then are you not taking this advantage of asking for a raise or promotion.  If you think you deserve and have earned it,  just go ahead and ask.

Are you still sitting back and waiting for a raise?

It’s time to vocalize what you want and advocate for yourself because nobody else but you can do that for you. After all, your boss isn’t a mind reader. It’s the right time “To Get Paid What You’re Worth”.

Speak up—and explicitly state that you’re asking for a pay bump. It won’t kill neither you nor anybody

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