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10 Mind Blowing Smart Tips To Adapt In Your Parenting

No parent wants to be referred to as a bad parent, we all want to be good parents.

But Why is that so important?

It’s simply because a child is probably God’s best gift to you. It’s because we love our children ‘unconditionally.’ We want the best for them. But, do we really know what parenting really means?

Have we really taken out time to understand what parenting is all about?

I’ll help you out with that!

Parenting implies facilitating a child’s dreams, consequently their needs and helping achieve them. It certainly does not mean making them achieve what you think they must achieve because this is where so many parents have got it all wrong.

Sometimes they are not to be claimed because it was probably how they have raised their own parents but that needs to stop because all we do is to keep multiplying the menace. Your duty as a parent is to help your child in discovering his or her purpose in life, to help your child connect with the genius on their inside.

Parenting simply implies propelling, promoting and supporting the overall development of a child which includes both the physical, emotional, social, financial, and intellectual development of that child from infancy to adulthood. It is beyond just building a biological and emotional relationship.

“Parenting is much more”

Why Smart Parenting?

There has been a rapid shift in the environment in which we are operating today. The age we live in is currently experiencing a fast-paced advancement, the internet and communications have made a big difference in the awareness levels. The need for children to depend on parents and teachers guidance has as a result of the advancement significantly lowered.

They are now smart children living in a smart world of smartphones, smart TV, smart technology, etc. The parents, therefore, need to also align with the trend by switching over to the smart life, of which smart parenting has a role to play.

Any parents that still to dwell with the ancient parenting style will find their selves at the total loss end. It’s really simple for anybody to step into this smart world and adopt smart parenting techniques.

It only takes patience and diligence considering the fact that it’s all foreign to you although initially.

I sometimes wonder if there is anything called Ideal parenting. It’s unique as every child is born unique. However, we can learn from other’s experiences and apply them to our own lives. Here are 10 super amazing yet simple smart parenting tips to adapt to your parenting.

1. Help your child connect with his or her Genius

Genius is simply broken down as” genii in us” which therefore can be correctly stated that each and every one of us has genii embedded inside us but whether we can connect with it is the problem. Genii is a magic spirit believed to take human form and serve the person who calls it.

Help your child to connect with that magic inside him that can help him or her to become more intentional and boost their confidence. Become an inspiration to them, help them discover their natural habitat, the environment where their creativity is unleashed.

Your child is unique. He need not be what you or people think he should be. Support him to identify his profession and encourage him to make it his profession.

2.  Focus on what your child needs, not on what you think he needs.

We are talking about his life. Not yours. It’s so ironic but it’s true because most parents have already made up their mind on that their child will be, they already made several decisions on the child’s behalf depriving him or her of the opportunity to add his own quota to the universe.

Psychologically some of those rash decisions hurt those children causing them never to experience happiness and the sense of satisfaction. Making a child choose a profession he or she has no passion in will also cripple his genius causing him or her to dwell in the confinement of average.

Your child is not your property. He is in the universe for his role to play – not yours. It is his ‘universe.’

3.  Give the child some space.

Allow him some space to grow. Do not breathe down his neck.

Most parents put so much pressure on their children because they feel their own expectations are at stake, they worry and care less about how the child feels. For crying out loud, your child is not a robot and in this smart age, if you make the mistake of suffocating your child with your selfish ambitions, you will lose that child.

Also, children tend to underperform because of the pressure because they’re afraid to fail. They can not explore new ideas causing their creativity and potential to become limited.

4.  Your Child is not a miniature adult.

Don’t expect your children to act like adults despite how much you think they’ve overgrown. Whether they are big or small in size physically their is brain is still growing. They are not growing physically alone but mentally too.

Don’t try to hasten the growth process, allow it to run it full course. Growth can be uncomfortable but as a parent, your child needs your encouragement.

 5.  Telling is not teaching.

Just telling is not enough. And telling your child repeatedly does not mean the child will learn. Distinguish between telling and teaching. Make your child understand the consequences. The child truly will understand what benefits him or her individually when you explain it to them so instead of just telling him or her what to do and what not to do, teach them the correct thing to do with the merit and demerit of their choices.

They will make the right choice and will continue that pattern even when you’re not around to tell them anything.

6.  Earn their respect and love

You heard what I said clearly!

You have to earn their respect and love by your action and input into their lives and well being. Do not demand it. If you want your child to respect and love you, show them in your actions that you actually love and respect them first.

Your child will always replicate the character he or she learned from you. On a more serious note” why should you expect your child to love you and respect you just because you played a role in his entry into the world?

It’s time you earn their love and respect.

7.  Build a positive and healthy relationship with your child’s teacher.

The child is learning from the teacher and parent simultaneously. A joint approach will get a child’s focused attention. Do not leave him wondering whose advice he should follow. Make sure the teacher who’s in charge of your child is someone you can trust with your child’s well-being.

8.  Boost your child’s Self-esteem

If as a parent you often rebuke your child when he present to you his ideas, you’re ruining that child’s self-esteem, if all the child keep getting from you as feedback is how unworthy he or she is, you’re slowly losing that child.

Every child comes into this planet with very high self-esteem. Very unknowingly and unintentionally, it’s the parents who generally damages the self-esteem of the child. This is generally reinforced by the teacher. It’s worth building his self-esteem consciously.

As a parent make sure your child is not encapsulated by the feeling of unworthiness from school, always emphasize in the hearing of your child how smart and creative the child is as this helps to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

9.  Build an independent, confident child.

Make your child confident and lead him to independence. Let your child not be dependent on you for a lifetime, teach your child how to stay true to his or her convictions, how to take responsibility for his or her choices and actions.

Teach them how to try out new ideas on their own, also make sure you let your child know that his or her opinions matter just like everybody else no matter how ridiculous it sounds and that they should never be afraid to express their dissatisfaction with anything.

Encourage them to always ask questions for clarity purposes.

10. Be a role model

Your child will always want to look up to you and emulate whatever you’re doing. Children take their parents as role models so as a parent  Invest time in them not money. your child trusts you at least before you destroy it, they trust you. Do not betray thàt trust.

Model to them how they ought to behave, advice them to spend less time watching none helpful tv programs, shut out all distractions by picking up a book maybe on self-development. Advise them with your habits and choices as they will learn faster. Make learning fun for them, organize a family night hang out where everyone shares their ideas on making the world a better place, where you all read together and share your thought.

It’s important to always keep at the back of your mind that children do what you do and not what you say.

 Remember that!

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