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Top 5 Time Management App That Helps Increase And Enhance Your Productivity

Do you ever get the feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day? You wake up first thing in the morning, motivated to cross some important items off your to-do list, and then you make the mistake of checking Facebook or Twitter.


The Easiest Way To Overcome Challenges Is To Connect With Your Creativity

Have you ever had that feeling of being bounded and confined within limits in your abilities to pursue something that you really wanted to achieve?



How To Train, Develop And Use Your Intuition To Make Better Decisions

Almost every business these days is so intent on collecting and analyzing data that the idea of making a decision based on a gut feeling is starting to look downright quaint. “People say, ‘Intuition isn’t reliable,’ “But neither is logic alone.”


Every Parent Must Know This To Not Destroy Your Child’s Future

Parenting style is vital because numerous reports signify that it forecast how children perform in the field of psychosocial development, business development, academic performance, social competence, and problem behavior.

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10 Mind Blowing Smart Tips To Adapt In Your Parenting

No parent wants to be refered to as a bad parent, we all wants to be good parents. but why is that so important? It’s simply because a child is probably God’s best gift to you. It’s because we love our children ‘unconditionally.’


Here’s The Secret To A Happy And Fulfilling Marriage

Many of us dream of being married but how many of us can envisage the conflicts that come with that marriage and to know how to resolve them?


Here’s How To Maintain Fitness Even In Pregnancy

Be sensible about the level of exercise that you do especially during pregnancy. Consult a doctor, physiotherapist or healthcare professional to make sure the exercise routine is not harmful to you or your baby


Your Role And Responsibility In Staying Healthy As An Adult

A lot of factors play a role in staying healthy. In turn, good health can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, some cancers, and injuries. Learn what you can do to maintain your and your family’s health.

planning travel

Things You Should Consider When Planning Your Next Travel

Do you want to travel but don’t know where you should go? Are you looking for a little clarity and inspiration to get your trip planning started? You’re in the right place! This post has the questions you should ask yourself.

Smart Citadel

Interesting Comparison Between Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence

As the advent of artificial intelligence is rapidly unveiling itself, it would be interesting and educating to understand both the human intelligence and the artificial intelligence which seeks to replace it, so we can better know how to position ourselves during the transition.

Unbelievable Explanations Why Readiness This Era Of Artificial Intelligence Is Important

With this blog series, I’ll explore the evolving nature of how humans are learning from one another and we now have the opportunity to strengthen the leadership qualities in the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning

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